• “we got building blocks” -- aaronpk,
• “we have grown this last year” -- tantek,
• “I built websites for 20 years but still do not code and want your tools to be easy” -- anomalily,
• “I used my laptop to crawl the internet, it got hot, but now I have fancy network graphs” -- snarfed.

Intros: mostly gen1 but some gen2 snuck in!

Sessions 14:00:
• WordPress ¯\_(ツ)_/¯: GWG talks WordPress
• What independent alternatives for stuff are there?
• What conditions make for effective collaboration?: lots of meta talk about communities
• Specialized Micropub clients: when you need to post a thing that is not a note

Sessions 15:00:
• Reading posts: for tracking and commenting on things you read
• Putting it all together: “what if readers really did do everything?” by cleverdevil
• Indie events: how do we bridge our events to actual users? Anomalily’s guide to the regular web user.
• IndieWeb for Hardware: Google did physical web stuff, maybe we should do physical web stuff.

Sessions 16:00:
• Personal Website Layouts: where we look at other people’s designs and get inspired, Zegnat gushes over old-web like Shaun Inman and JSM.
• OStatus Bridge: why do we talk with silos, but not with the more open social networks?!
• Fed Wiki Quick Start: because when Ward shows up you can’t not set-up a personal wiki

Sessions 17:00:
• Refresh: where Scott tries to figure out what we mean with the different generations, and tells us what they need.
• Location Location Location: everything that has latlon coordinates, be it trips, runs, fixed points, what have you.
• “Siri, what is Tantek doing?”: what that omniscient spy box in the corner has to be able to do.


• Dev intro to indieweb building blocks: aaronpk talks about the indieweb tech stack, programming knowledge required
• IndieWebifying your WordPress: GWG, snarfed, cleverdevil, miklb, are all here to help you think about WP!